Spring Break Training Trip a Success

During spring break, the team traveled down to Summerton, South Carolina for a week of training at Camp Bob Cooper.  The days were spent rowing, doing yoga, and bonding with teammates.  After a long winter, the team was excited to finally be back on the water for the spring season.

As the week progressed, each boat made steady improvements, showing how much the long process of winter training paid off.  The week was finished off by a race against Bowdoin College, with the UConn 1V8+ beating the Bowdoin 1V8+, and the UConn 2V8+ winning against the Bowdoin 2B8+.  The novice boats also showed speed in their first spring sprint race.

The Huskies are now back on their home lake in Coventry, CT, practicing daily and continuing to make improvements throughout the season.  The team is looking forward to the upcoming racing this spring!2017 CampBob

Pictured above is the last practice of the week at Camp Bob, where the team completely mixed up the lineups, with rowers coxing, and coxswains rowing!