UConn Men’s Crew was founded in 1984 as a co-ed rowing team at the University of Connecticut.  Since then, the team has been a tight-knit group of increasingly competitive athletes. As a club, the team built a boathouse on Coventry Lake in the mid-1990s.  The boathouse was then sold to the Division of Athletics as part of a deal with the newly developed varsity women’s rowing program.  Until the spring of 2013, the team rowed out of a property on the same lake with no permanent fixtures.

Presently, we are situated inside a boathouse owned by the town of Coventry. This boathouse has done a great deal to inspire new confidence in our teams competitive drive. Our team competes at a varsity level in the New England Small Colleges Athletic Conference. Although there are many clubs participating in these races, we also face many Division 1 level teams. The athletes travel to various cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Worcester and Camden. This past fall semester, our lightweight four took home bronze at a very competitive 2013 Head of the Fish in Saratoga, New York.  In fact, all of our varsity boats  medaled in at least one regatta – the varsity eight placed third at the Head of the Riverfront, beating one of Trinity College’s varsity boats for the first time in team memory, and the varsity four also earned bronze in their event.

Since our humble beginnings, the UConn Men’s Crew team has been a symbol of dedication and an outlet through which all members are able to push themselves physically and mentally. Even with our success thus far, our team has the potential to achieve more.  In terms of our equipment, unfortunately, we are not up to par with comparable universities, which puts us at a disadvantage.  Although, with the help of alumni, we were able to purchase a used Vespoli V1 for our Varsity 8 this semester, we are still looking to improve upon our current equipment for the rest of the team.  Since we are a club sport we can only apply for, and receive, minimal funding from the Student Government and Club Sports.

We intend on utilizing donations to purchase equipment to help put our team at more of a competitive level.  We also use a small portion of the funds to continue to bring awareness to our primary community service beneficiary, the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that assists veterans as they come home and readjust to civilian life.



If you are interested in making a donation to support UCONN MENS CREW you can give a gift online through the UConn Foundation’s website: 


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