The University of Connecticut Men’s Club Crew was first established in 1984.  Even as a club sport, we compete at the varsity level against prominent crews across the east coast.  We received our first national ranking in May of 2004. We launch our racing shells from Patriot’s Park at Coventry Lake, located just ten minutes from campus.  With water practices focusing primarily on technique, we gain our physical edge from cross-training, weight circuits and ergometer training in the gym.  We are relieved at the end of winter training by a spring trip to places such as Georgia, South Carolina or San Diego, California. Our team has seen exceptional growth in the past few years, with our Varsity Crew approaching nearly thirty rowers.  Novice rowers and coxswains are pivotal to the future success and growth of our crew.  This is also a perfect opportunity for you to enter into a network of great friends, students and future professionals.