The Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ Show Speed at the 2016 ACRA National Championships

After being ranked 26th out of 29 boats coming into the national championships in the Varsity 8+ event, the Huskies earned 18th place out of all of the team competing in the regatta. In their repechage, the Huskies duked it out for a third place finish placing a time of 6:08.101, 0.349 seconds off earning a spot in semi-finals. In C finals the Varsity 8+ placed second behind Notre Dame.

The Novice 8+ proved their speed just barely missing out on competing in grand finals, getting edged out by 0.01 seconds. In the B finals the Novice 8+ placed 4th, coming in 12th out of 22 boats in the championship.

This national championship showing by the Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ capped off a program-changing season for the team. With an even faster incoming freshman class and the 7 graduating seniors, the Huskies are looking for an even greater improvement of speed for the upcoming season. A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported the UConn Men on their incredible 2015-2016 year!