Spring Break Training Trip a Success

During spring break, the team traveled down to Summerton, South Carolina for a week of training at Camp Bob Cooper.  The days were spent rowing, doing yoga, and bonding with teammates.  After a long winter, the team was excited to finally be back on the water for the spring season.

As the week progressed, each boat made steady improvements, showing how much the long process of winter training paid off.  The week was finished off by a race against Bowdoin College, with the UConn 1V8+ beating the Bowdoin 1V8+, and the UConn 2V8+ winning against the Bowdoin 2B8+.  The novice boats also showed speed in their first spring sprint race.

The Huskies are now back on their home lake in Coventry, CT, practicing daily and continuing to make improvements throughout the season.  The team is looking forward to the upcoming racing this spring!2017 CampBob

Pictured above is the last practice of the week at Camp Bob, where the team completely mixed up the lineups, with rowers coxing, and coxswains rowing!


Winter Training and C.R.A.S.H-B. Indoor Rowing Championships

This winter, the Huskies have been busy putting in work in the erg room, weight room, and classroom, in preparation for what is shaping up to be a very competitive spring.  Winter training is a long, challenging process, but with the team practicing together multiple times a week, teammates are able to motivate each other to keep moving and get faster.

Last weekend, the team competed in “Erg Olympics,” a competition where the team is divided into smaller groups of three to four rowers, and assigned a country.  Events competed in include a blindfolded 500m, 100m sprint, a 6k relay, and others.  Each year, this practice brings new motivation for the team to make the final push to our spring break training trip to Camp Bob.


On Sunday, February 12, several rowers will be competing at the C.R.A.S.H-B. Indoor Rowing Championships, in Boston, MA.  This competition attracts some of the top rowers from countries around the world, and is a great experience for those new to rowing as well as those with years of experience.


UConn Collegiate 8+ and 4+ Takes on 52nd Head of the Charles

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, the Huskies will be competing in the Head of the Charles Regatta in the Collegiate 8+ and 4+ categories.  The schedule for the race is as follows:

Collegiate 4+

Event 44

Time: 1:15 PM

Black Hull with Navy and White Checkered Blades

Collegiate 8+

Event 50

Time: 3:15 PM

Blue Hull with Navy and White Checkered Blades

Live Stream Link:


Strong Start to the Fall 2016 Season at the Textile River Regatta and Head of the Housatonic

The Huskies traveled to Lowell, MA and Shelton, CT over the past two weeks to compete in the Textile River Regatta and the Head of the Housatonic.  Prior to these regattas, the team had been practicing everyday to increase overall fitness, technical rowing skills, and boat speed.  The results of these training weeks showed that the team is continuing to become more competitive each season as they grow and attract some of the most competitive novice classes in team history.

At the Textile, the Novice 4+ took home bronze medals after taking 3rd place in their category.  The 1V8+ and 2V8+ also showed speed, placing 5th and 8th respectively in the Open 8+ event.  The Varsity Lightweight 4+ rowed a strong race, placing 2nd in their event.

After another week of training, the 1V8+ rowed a much more competitive race, coming within 20 seconds of 1st, and less than 6 seconds of 3rd for a 6th place finish at the Head of the Housatonic.  The 2V8+ also rowed a strong race, placing 11th out of 16 boats.  Over in the 4+ category, the 1V4+ placed 12th against tough competition, and the  Lightweight 2V4+ pushed hard against other competitive open weight crews, placing 3rd out of the B boats in the Collegiate 4+ category.  The Novice 4+ continued to preform well on the water, with another 3rd place finish, while the Novice 8+, consisting of 6 rowers brand new to the sport, showed some strong potential for the remainder of the season.

On October 23, the 1V8+ and 1V4+ will be competing in the Head of the Charles.  The Huskies plan to make their presence known at the prestigious regatta by sending potentially their fastest line ups in team history to compete against some of the most well known teams in the sport of rowing.  Additionally, the team is looking forward to meeting and catching up with many of the alumni and supporters from around the country who will be present at the regatta!

The Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ Show Speed at the 2016 ACRA National Championships

After being ranked 26th out of 29 boats coming into the national championships in the Varsity 8+ event, the Huskies earned 18th place out of all of the team competing in the regatta. In their repechage, the Huskies duked it out for a third place finish placing a time of 6:08.101, 0.349 seconds off earning a spot in semi-finals. In C finals the Varsity 8+ placed second behind Notre Dame.

The Novice 8+ proved their speed just barely missing out on competing in grand finals, getting edged out by 0.01 seconds. In the B finals the Novice 8+ placed 4th, coming in 12th out of 22 boats in the championship.

This national championship showing by the Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ capped off a program-changing season for the team. With an even faster incoming freshman class and the 7 graduating seniors, the Huskies are looking for an even greater improvement of speed for the upcoming season. A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported the UConn Men on their incredible 2015-2016 year!

Watch the Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+ at ACRA National Championships

This upcoming Saturday May 28, the Huskies will be racing in Gainesville, GA on Lake Lanier for the 2016 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championships. Last year the team raced a Varsity 2- to this regatta while this year the team is racing a Varsity 8+ and a Novice 8+ boat. Listed below are the details for the events of Saturday’s preliminary racing:

Men’s Freshman Novice 8+

Race 25 – 10:24am – top 2 to semifinals, remainder to repechages 

Lane 2 – White Hull

Men’s Varsity 8+

Race 40 – 11:54am – top 2 to semifinals, remainder to repechages 

Lane 7 – Royal Blue Hull

Link to Livestream Webpage: Click here

Stay tuned for updated results and repachages/semifinal schedules!

Successful New England Rowing Championships

This past weekend UConn Men traveled to Worcester, MA on April 30 for the annual New England Rowing Championships (NERCs). The team raced in the Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+, Third Varsity 8+, Novice 8+ and the Novice 4+ category.

The Varsity 8+ started off the day of racing by placing 4th in their heat earning them a spot in the petite finals. Later in the day, the 8+ placed 5th in the final just behind UNH and UMass.

The Novice 8+ also had a strong showing in their heat finishing in 2nd place earning them a spot in the grand finals. In a tough final, the Novice 8+ finished seconds behind Boston College in 5th place.

The Second Varsity 8+ finished 7th in their fast heat with the Third Varsity 8+ coming in 4th in their heat, one place shy of making grand finals. The Novice 4+ finished 3rd in their heat, earning them a place in grand finals where they placed 6th.

The Huskies will be continuing their season with two boats training for the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) National Championships: Varsity 8+ and the Novice 8+. Check back for ACRA lane assignments and the link to be able to livestream the races!

UConn Hosts the First Annual Patriot Cup

This past Sunday, April 17th, the UConn Men hosted their first home race in 4 years. Local state New England colleges attended: University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Rhode Island, University of New Hampshire, and the University of Vermont.

Both the V8+ and the 2V8+ finished 4th in a competitive heat, with the 2V8+ only 0.05 seconds off of 3rd place. The 3V8+ earned a second place finish only 8 seconds off of the 1st place URI boat.

The N8+ had a great showing and earned 2nd place in a very fast N8+ race. The N4+ were in a tough race and earned 4th place out of 5 boats.

The huskies now have 2 weeks to prepare for the New England Rowing Championships that are going to be held on April 30th in Worcester, MA. We hope to see all you Husky supporters there!

Spring Racing on the Charles

This weekend the Huskies traveled to Boston, MA where the 1V8+, 2V8+, 3V8+ and N8+ raced against Boston College, Bates College, and Harvard Lightweights. The immense head wind and raining conditions didn’t make for ideal racing conditions but the team powered through gaining race experience and recognition on an even greater competitive scale.

The racing started with the V8+ earning a fourth place finish behind the third place Boston College by over 10 seconds. The 2V8+ and 3V8+ had similar results recording a fourth place finish as well.

The N8+ on the other side rowed to a third place finish besting Boston College and a lone Tufts 8+. They recorded a time within 11 seconds of the number 4th ranked Harvard Lightweight crew.

Next up the UConn Men will be hosting a home race on April 17th in Coventry, CT! They will be hosting the University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Massachusetts Lowell, University of Rhode Island, University of New Hampshire, and the University of Vermont. Come down and support the team continuing with their intense racing season!

Successful Spring Break

The UConn Men’s Crew team started off the spring of 2016 season on March 13th with a return to training camp down in Summerton, SC. The final days of the Huskies’ spring break, the team traveled to the 1996 Olympic rowing course Lake Lanier for the annual John Hunter Regatta.

The V8+ in the new ‘T.D. Walker’ entered a competitive field and secured a spot in the Grand Final event later in the day with a second place finish in their heat, besting the University of New Hampshire by over 5 seconds. The V8+ fought their way into a 4th place finish in the Varsity Eight only seconds behind the third place Georgia Tech crew.

Success continued for the 2V8+ who won a silver medal in their grand final, crushing other crews by multiple boat lengths. The 3V8+ in a tough field of 7 crews earned a 6th place finish in their JV8+ category.

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The N8+ followed in the 2V8+ footsteps walking away with a silver medal as well as the N4+ winning their flight and posting the second fastest time over 19 other crews in their category.

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The team will be traveling to the Charles River in Boston, MA for the next race on April 2nd where they will be racing Boston College, Bates College, and the Harvard Lightweight Team. We look forward to seeing everyone there supporting the team!